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  • SublimeLinter-contrib-protoc-gen-lint

    by ckaznocha ST3 4K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for Protocol Buffers, using protoc-gen-lint.
  • Atomic Color Scheme

    by gerardbm 22K Installs
    Atomic color scheme for Sublime Text
  • Theme - Asphalt

    by Orlmente ST3 43K Installs
    Minimal and flat dark UI for Sublime Text 3 + custom syntax highlighting Colour Scheme.
  • Wolf Theme

    by wolf-theme 12K Installs
    Minimal dark theme for Sublime
  • CSSFontFamily

    by lcdsantos 23K Installs
    CSSFontFamily is a Sublime Text plugin with a collection of font stacks autocomplete.
  • SendCode

    by randy3k ST3 21K Installs
    Send code and text to macOS and Linux Terminals, iTerm, ConEmu, Cmder, Tmux, Terminus; R (RStudio), Julia, IPython.
  • Can I Use

    by Azd325 125K Installs
    Is a plugin for sublime text 2/3 for checking CSS property support
  • Dartlight

    by ayRatul 4K Installs
    Dart higlight and Dart/Flutter snippets for sublime text . Adapted from https://github.com/Dart-Code/Dart-Code
  • ChangeQuotes

    by Colin T.A. Gray (colinta) ST3 41K Installs
    Converts single to double or double to single quotes. Attempts to preserve correct escaping, though this could be improved I'm sure.
  • PackageSync

    by utkarsh9891 17K Installs
    Sync sublime text packages & user settings across devices.
  • Laravel Docs

    by austenc 22K Installs
    Easily navigate to the laravel docs from within sublime text
  • TypescriptCompletion

    by RonanDrouglazet 75K Installs
    Typescript auto completion with your project method name, and inject method manually with a module/class/method dictionary build from your TypeScript project
  • anaconda_go

    by DamnWidget ST3 24K Installs
    AnacondaGO adds autocompletion, linting and IDE features for Golang to your Sublime Text 3
  • Vuejs Complete Package

    by BrainBuzzer 177K Installs
    Better Vue.js completions for sublime text with syntax highlighting.
  • Markdown Extended

    by jonschlinkert Top 100 260K Installs
    Top 100 Sublime Text plugin! Markdown syntax highlighter for Sublime Text, with extended support for GFM fenced code blocks, with language-specific syntax highlighting. YAML Front Matter. Works with ST2/ST3. Goes great with Assemble.
  • Kotlin

    by vkostyukov 33K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 Package for Kotlin Programming Language
  • SASS Build

    by jaumefontal 190K Installs
    SASS build sytem for Sublime Text 2
  • Laravel Blade Highlighter

    by Eric Percifield Top 100 404K Installs
    Laravel Blade syntax highlighter support for Sublime Text.
  • Seti_UI

    by ctf0 ST3 Top 100 335K Installs
    Seti_UI Port for ST3.
  • PHP Companion

    by erichard ST3 203K Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin that provides cool stuff for PHP 5.3+ coding session.
  • Liquid

    by braver ST3 35K Installs
    Shopify Liquid syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • ColorPick

    by jnordberg 188K Installs
    Color picker plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3 (Mac OS X)
  • SublimeLinter-shellcheck

    by SublimeLinter ST3 22K Installs
    This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to shellcheck.
  • Oceanic Next Color Scheme

    by voronianski 65K Installs
    :triangular_ruler: Sublime Text color scheme ready for next generation JavaScript syntax
  • Ethereum

    by davidhq 39K Installs
    Ethereum Solidity and Vyper language syntaxes