Newest Sublime Text Packages The 25 newest additions to the default Package Control channel en-us Copyright 2020, Will Bond Lucene Query Formatter nishant-ns19 Format Lucene Query object strings 2020-05-27 16:14:56 3b2f346902af93eb2eb24224b8954a1d Semantic Highlighter kapitanluffy Highlights similar variables on focus 2020-05-27 15:46:29 e44a04acc0a35cd914dd0462e5dab551 LSP-stylelint sublimelsp Stylelint support for Sublime's LSP plugin 2020-05-27 15:45:28 67017c96f70829004f9cfebf9f1cfe2f Phpactor tkotosz [WIP] Sublime phpactor plugin 2020-05-27 15:39:26 6e89cb9da184919d3093f2e2139be67a RoRvsWild Color Schemes BaseSecrete Accessible Textmate and Sublime text color schemes based on RoRvsWild colors. 2020-05-25 00:06:29 3c282f202d186852ad4dba95b89caad3 LSP-tagml HuygensING Sublime plugin for TAGML Language server 2020-05-25 00:05:07 f817c02e3b1a3a972faa601491e20a05 LSP-elixir sublimelsp Elixir support for Sublime LSP plugin 2020-05-25 00:05:07 094d61aee8ccc64e44c54dfb629af51b LSP-promql nevill PromQL support for Sublime LSP plugin, using promql-langserver 2020-05-24 14:43:53 d37614cb5bb3308b4c54334c2b781f18 BuildX cj1128 🎉View sublime build output side by side with color!. 2020-05-24 14:28:07 aa3bfcaa7b1cd27bdaf2f135f2a042e6 Vaporwave ishanray Sublime Text Color Scheme 2020-05-24 14:23:53 102a2b392b82fe328aab6b100bf2ece5 Prisma prisma Sublime Text 3 package supporting syntax highlighting. 2020-05-24 14:23:27 ee10f79aa18f7cf1c69142450a809181 Kusto Syntax Highlighter mmanela Provide syntax highlighting for kusto language in sublime 2020-05-24 14:13:23 2853649ae5f96b3329f2ec29d83f36fa Tutkain eerohele Clojure socket REPL client 2020-05-24 14:03:29 8ae4046d465c2a4b309b7a725d108234 Sync Merge Scheme rafmjr Sync UI Schemes between Sublime Text and Sublime Merge 2020-05-24 14:03:21 3fa954ecdc9151243049bf62c1e8e762 Imaginarium ethanrobison Syntax highlighting for Imaginarium 2020-05-24 13:54:48 40893d90d13631ff99ecb90c07ae7f16 ForceMoveToGroup tkotosz Sublime Plugin to force move view to group 2020-05-24 13:54:16 4b56f9f3a52ad3ca2c30f47851d7d4e6 DA CS Color Schemes (Recovered) gobijan DA CS recovery 2020-05-24 13:54:08 a4f165530503bd37e040f528c32b0a78 Mandoc ISSOtm Sublime Text 3 syntax package for the markup language Mandoc 2020-05-24 13:28:49 8c4dae016d0ec986afc3abd5eff053eb AttrFold druc Fold & unfold attributes in Sublime Text 2020-04-30 14:39:04 04e0f907a5e7e02bae1ba5c71ef7b533 LSP-bash sublimelsp Bash support for Sublime's LSP plugin using bash-language-server 2020-04-30 14:32:51 b2cfc5a30ba3f48eec6d0630d144de80 LSP-dockerfile sublimelsp Dockerfile support for Sublime's LSP plugin 2020-04-27 19:44:28 3c58842a5e70c73256be76f0da7fcb01 LSP-yaml sublimelsp YAML support for Sublime's LSP plugin using yaml-language-server 2020-04-27 18:13:11 7c71d027243ecdd699c6030cfe2a229d SublimeLinter-contrib-clj-kondo ToxicFrog SublimeLinter support for the clj-kondo Clojure linter 2020-04-20 17:35:18 ca89b3cafccf4b1cde30d790095c1b40 dpaster adder46 Sublime Text plugin for pasting code to 2020-04-18 19:42:48 62b1ef24385eab74c501e8ad22c5fae1 SUCC Syntax Highlighting pipe01 SUCC syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 3 2020-04-17 16:51:17 7d15cdf6684b392a2e85dd89341d32e3